Saturday, April 29, 2006

Grant Application

THE STRONG FOUNDATION for environmental values
Grant Application

Please provide the following information as a cover page.

(1) Your organization's name, address, telephone number and email address.
(2) Year of incorporation.
(3) Name and title of contact person.
(4) Organizational mission.
(5) Project for which you are seeking funds (if other than general support.)
(6) Total project budget.
(7) Total organizational budget.
(8) Amount requested from the Strong Foundation:

Your application package should contain thirteen (13) copies of the following:
1) The completed cover page.
2) A two-to-four page description of your project including goals, objectives, timeline and organization's qualifications. See instructions below for details. Be sure to explain how the project fits with the Strong Foundation's mission and focus.
3) Project budget (including expenses and income projections with fundraising strategy.)
4) List of Board members with short biographical sketches.
Your application package should also contain one copy of your IRS letter stating 501(c)(3) status. If your group is not tax-exempt, you must have a fiscal agent. Please enclose a letter from the director of your fiscal agent acknowledging the relationship and their IRS letter. If a grant is awarded, the grant agreement must be signed by the fiscal agent and the check will be made payable to the fiscal agent.

Send application package to: The Strong Foundation for environmental values, 1442-A Walnut Street, Box 80, Berkeley, CA 94709.

Please do not include attachments other than the materials requested, such as newspaper clippings, letters of support or other materials, as they will not be considered.


A. Your Organization
· Who are you? Give us a brief history of your group; how long have you been in existence, what are your group's goals and purpose for being?

B. Your Project
· What do you want to do? Describe your project concretely.
· What will your project accomplish and why is this important? Be specific about expected results.
· Does this project fulfill a unique need? Do the activities of your group overlap with organizations? If so, tell us about your networking efforts and how you intend to avoid duplication of efforts. How is your project different from groups working in similar areas; what makes it unique?

C. Qualifications
· What qualifications does your group have that will help you accomplish this task?
· What are the qualifications and experience of the people who will be carrying out this project? If you have volunteers without experience but with lots of desire, energy, and commitment, please say so.
· Who are your Board of Directors or governing body? What are their qualifications, experience and commitment?
· What will you do if a key person drops out of the project?

D. The Details
· What is your detailed, specific plan of action for accomplishing your goals? Be concrete.
· What is the timeframe for the project as a whole, and for the individual steps involved?
· How will you know when each step is complete?
· How will you know when the project has reached its goals and is complete?

E. Finances
· What is the budget for this project?
· Does the budget reflect the stated priorities?
· Who is keeping the books and handling the finances?
· What record keeping is being done to ensure separation of funds for this project from other activities that are not within our guidelines?
· If additional record-keeping is needed, is the extra cost accounted for in your budget?
· What percentage of your overall budget does this project represent?
· Indicate your other sources of funding and amounts.
· How will you continue a successful program once our support is ended? How will you carry on your work?

F. The Evaluation Process
· How will your group (its Board or governing body) evaluate the project at its completion?
· What specific criteria will you use in evaluating the success of your project?
· What criteria do you suggest we use to evaluate your project?

Although the Foundation does not have the staff resources to meet with applicants, please feel free to call Pat Bradley, Executive Secretary at (510) 528-8266 or email her at if you have questions. We look forward to seeing your application, and wish you the best with your endeavor.


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